Sailing Lessons


Our ASA sailing classes are scheduled as nearly as possible at the convenience of our students instead of utilizing a completely predetermined schedule with specific classes on specific dates. Private sailing lessons can be scheduled at any time. 10%, 15%, or 20% discounts are available for groups of two, three, or four participants who register together for the same class on the same dates.

Students completing ASA 101, ASA 103, and/or ASA 104 at the Flagship Sailing School are eligible to join the Flagship Sailing Club. Flagship Sailing students who do not wish to join the sailing club receive discounted bareboat charter rates.

Flagship Sailing's objective is to instill in its sailing students the techniques necessary to sail boats up to 30 feet safely and enjoyably in near-shore waters in good weather.

By learning the basics — points of sail, rules of the road, overboard procedures, heaving to, reefing, required and recommended safety equipment, maneuvering under sail and power, anchoring, general maintenance, and radio communication — our students master the techniques of sailing, which, when combined with on-going practice and experience, will turn them into increasingly competent sailors able to sail further and further from their home ports in various weather conditions.

Advanced students (ASA 104 and ASA 106) expand their basic cruising knowledge with additional onboard training that includes an actual cruise, spending a night “on the hook”, cruise planning, basic coastal navigation, weather, lying a hull, emergency procedures, engine/systems, maintenance, and sail trim.

Every sailor, regardless of his/her experience level, must learn to balance the skill levels of skipper and crew with the capabilities of the boat being sailed, as well as with existing and forecast weather conditions.

Sailing schools that offer ASA certification must, at a minimum, teach the material required by the American Sailing Association. ASA’s requirements are thorough and professional. What differentiates one school from another are the methods used to teach that material together with the instructors that teach it. Flagship Sailing is a proven, professional, and award-winning (School of the Year and Instructor of the Year) sailing school.

Each of our instructors is ASA-certified and holds a USCG-issued captains license. But, equally important, our instructors are experienced. One has been an ASA instructor since 1984 and is also an Instructor Examiner, meaning that he is able to certify new instructors (as well as students) for the American Sailing Association. Another has been sailing for over fifty years, has been a sailing instructor for ten years and is also an Instructor Examiner.

This kind of experience is important because it has a direct bearing on Flagship Sailing’s ability to teach real life sailing instead of just the required basics of sailing. Each instructor knows how to relate to student sailors.

As a result, our school has received ASA’s School of the Year award three times and two of its instructors have received the Instructor of the Year award.

Please email or call us at 727-946-6542 with any remaining questions or to make reservations. We look forward to sailing with you.

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