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ASA Sailing Program

Beginning through advanced sailing lessons certified by the American Sailing Association are provided by professional, experienced instructors certified by ASA and licensed by the US Coast Guard.

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Flagship Sailing Program

Recognizing that not every sailor may wish to pursue certification through one of our ASA courses, Flagship Sailing offers several introductory courses without the requirement for written testing necessary in an ASA course. These courses are taught on the water and require only an instructor evaluation for completion.

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Sailing Charters

If you want to enjoy a sailing adventure with a professional captain on board then a Flagship Sailing Charter is for you.

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Our Instructors Make the Difference

Flagship Sailing Instructors are experienced educators and professional sailors. They are certified by the ASA and licensed by the US Coast Guard. Every Flagship Sailing student receives realistic, on-board instruction resulting in certification that is recognized around the world. Our professional staff will assist you in selecting the right classes matched to your needs. They provide competent and friendly assistance to make sure you get the best course of instruction at the best price. Whether you wish to sail in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, or on an inland lake or river, our captains will provide you with the skills necessary to safely live your dreams.

George W. Norder

Captain George "Nordie" Norwood

George W. "Nordie" Norwood is a USCG licensed Captain with 100 Ton Master Mariner Rating with Sail and Towing endorsements. He is an ASA Certified sailing instructor through ASA 108 (Offshore Passage Making). He is an alumnus of both Flagship Sailing and the Maryland School of Sailing and has offshore sailing experience in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. He is a former fighter pilot who served over 30 years in the US Air Force. Nordie loves sailing and enjoys introducing others to sailing and teaches at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. He was an ASA Instructor of the Year for 2019 and 2020. Nordie and his wife Connie currently own an Island Packet 40 and live in Riverview, Fl

Adriane Alicia

Adriane Alicia - Director of Operations

Adriane Alicia is the Director of Operations for Flagship Sailing. In this important role she manages sailing activities and infrastructure, ensures vessels are maintained in a safe, sound and seaworthy condition, and manages safety protocols and drug testing programs. She also manages IT and HR programs and performs community outreach and engagement. Adriane is a certified RN and frequents as first mate and chief medical officer on passages with Flagship Sailing. She has sailed in Greece, Cuba, Mexico, Pensacola, Key West, and extensively in the Tampa Bay area. Adriane owns a 31’ Catalina and is currently working on her ASA instructor certification and USCG Captains license with the intent of becoming a full time sailing instructor in the near future.

Michael E. 'Mick' Hatch

Captain Michael E. "Mick" Hatch

Michael E. "Mick" Hatch is a USCG licensed Captain with 100 ton Master Mariner rating with Sail and Towing endorsements. Mick is a certified ASA instructor thru ASA 105. Mick has taught in USVI, Miami, Cocoa Beach, as well as on offshore passages thru the Caribbean from the Abaco Islands all the way down to Granada, Bonaire, and Aruba. Mick has sailed in Germany, England, Denmark, and the Med and is working on new adventure/destinations. He has skippered on ASA flotillas and loves to sail and teach others and to share his passion for the water, nature, and sailing….and having fun. Mick retired after 26 years in the USAF and 12 years at NASA Kennedy Space Center. Today, he skippers/charters various tours boats in Port Canaveral and Biscayne Bay and teaches sailing in Tampa Bay. He and Jennifer live in Merritt Island, Florida and own a 42 ft Hunter sailboat "Relentless" and take her on various passages thru the Caribbean Islands.

Bill Cullen

Bill Cullen

Bill Cullen has been a USCG licensed Captain for five decades with 100 Ton Master Mariner Rating with Sail Endorsement. He is an ASA Certified sailing instructor through ASA 104. He has extensive racing, cruising, and delivery experience. He has cruised the Bahamas, Eastern and Western Caribbean, the Med, crossed the Atlantic and the South Pacific, and the traveled a few French canals. You may have read his "How To", and "Gadget" articles in various sailing magazines including Sail Magazine and Southwinds. He is the author of and is a featured speaker at the St Petersburg Boat Show, the Seven Seas Cruising Association, local sailing and yacht clubs, and women’s sailing groups. Bill lives in Tampa and is a member of the Tampa Sailing Squadron, The Dolphin Cruising Club, the Catalina Owners Association, and the Seven Seas Cruising Association.

Terrie Bove

Terrie Bove

Terrie Bove is the Executive Assistant for Flagship Sailing and handles all inquiries and scheduling. She works diligently with each customer to try to meet their needs. She is "the voice" of Flagship Sailing and loves to help those with a new or renewed interest in sailing figure out which class is best suited for them. She is retired from medical care. She loves to relax on the water and paint yard art.

Gardner Lloyd

Captain Gardner Lloyd

In Memoriam

October 15, 1946 - September 21, 2021

Gardner Lloyd, founder of Flagship Sailing, is no longer with us but his Life and Spirit continue to be honored by our team. Gardner was a USCG licensed Captain with 100 Ton Master with Sail Endorsement. He was an ASA Certified sailing instructor through ASA 106 (Advanced Coastal Cruising) and an ASA Instructor Examiner. Gardner learned to sail on a Sunfish in 1958 and went on to race J 29's and Interlake 18's. He sailed in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and British Virgin Islands. He also sailed Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes and the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Gardner—in addition to being a dear friend—served as a mentor and senior advisor to Nordie. Gardner will be missed.

"We're not in the business of teaching sailing—we're in the business of fulfilling dreams." Gardner Lloyd describing his passion for people and sailing

Flagship Sailing is Veteran Owned and Operated.

As such, we are proud to participate in American Sailing Association’s (ASA) Veteran’s Sailing Education Program. We are offering $50 off our ASA 101 course to ALL veterans. We are also honoring our preexisting additional 10% discount for veterans.

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