ASA Certification Courses

Basic Keelboat Sailing (ASA 101)

Prerequisites: None

This is a basic sailing standard designed to teach a person new to sailing how to safely sail and dock a sailboat in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters. Students are given the opportunity to take the helm of boats designed with a beginning sailor in mind. Students will begin to become familiar with required safety equipment, points of sail, rules of the road, docking and sailing terminology. (Price includes initial $39 ASA certification fee.) 

Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103)

Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat Sailing (ASA 101) certification

This is a transition course designed to build upon the skills learned in ASA 101 with the objective of becoming a competent, safe cruising sailor. You will learn to communicate effectively with your crew so that you will soon be able to become the “skipper” of a sloop-rigged auxiliary powered keelboat between 25 feet and 35 feet in length by day in moderate wind and sea conditions. Additionally, ASA 103 provides an introduction to understanding and maintaining a sailboat’s electrical and plumbing systems, the auxiliary engine, sail trim, heaving-to, reefing, anchoring, weather, safety and seamanship.

Intermediate Coastal Cruising (ASA 104)

Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat Sailing (ASA 101) and Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) certifications

This is a three-day, two-night advanced cruising standard designed for individuals with cruising experience who have mastered the skills contained in ASA 101 and ASA 103. You will be able to act as skipper or crew of a 25 to 50-foot boat sailing by day in coastal waters. Participants will receive a combination of instruction and hands-on learning that covers piloting, dead reckoning, docking, system trouble shooting, maintenance, navigation, cruise planning, weather forecasts, and overnight anchoring. Two nights (one at anchor) will be spent onboard.

Coastal Navigation (ASA 105)

Prerequisites: None

This is a comprehensive “home study” course that covers the navigational theory required to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters. Extensive preparation is required. A textbook, workbook and chart will be sent to participants in advance of the course. Students will need to provide their own navigation tools—a minimum of dividers and parallel rules are required. While there is no sailing involved in ASA 105, Flagship Sailing provides an opportunity to utilize the navigational skills learned in this course during the cruising portions of ASA 104 and ASA 106. A comprehensive instructor-led review will be conducted prior to examination.

Advanced Coastal Cruising (ASA 106)

Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat Sailing (ASA 101), Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103), Bareboat Chartering (ASA 104) and Coastal Navigation (ASA 105) certifications

You will learn the communication and hands-on sailing skills necessary to act as skipper and crew of a sailing vessel between 30 and 50 feet in length during a day/night cruise. This is a day and night standard in coastal and inland waters in any weather. Among the topics that will be presented are the theories of sail including the centers of effort and lateral resistance, heavy weather preparation, rafting at anchor, anchoring techniques, towing a dingy, emergency procedures, trouble-shooting and trip planning.

Skills Review Clinic (ASA 111)

Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat Sailing (ASA 101) certification

This on-the-water clinic is targeted to meet the needs of ASA certified sailors who either need a “refresher,” or those who sail more regularly who wish to get focused instruction in a few areas (e.g., docking, sail trim, etc.).

Docking Endorsement (ASA 118)

Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat Sailing (ASA 101) certification

This course is designed to teach advanced docking techniques for sail and power boats with single inboard or outboard engines. It combines basic theory with the hands-on experience needed to dock and undock boats bow-first and stern-first efficiently without damage or injury.



Basic Keelboat Sailing - ASA 101 (2 days) $450 / Person*

Basic Coastal Cruising – ASA 103 (2 days) $495 / Person

Combination – ASA 101 + ASA 103 (4 days) $895 / Person*

Intermediate Coastal Cruising – ASA 104 (3 days, 2 nights) $795 / Person

Combination – ASA 103 + 104 (5 days) $1,095 / Person

Combination - ASA 101 + ASA 103 + ASA 104 (7 days, 2 nights) $1,390/person*

Coastal Navigation – ASA 105 (1 day classroom) $400 / Person

Advanced Coastal Cruising – ASA 106 (5 days, 4 nights) $1500 / Person

Skills Review Clinic – ASA 111 (Half to Full day) $295 / Person

Docking Endorsement – ASA 118 (1 day) $350 / Person

* Includes a three-month ASA membership and a subscription to Sailing Magazine


GROUP, MILITARY, FIRST RESPONDER & SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS 10%, 15%, or 20% discounts are available for groups of two, three, or four participants, respectively, who register together for the same ASA or FS sailing class on the same dates. Active duty military members, first responders and senior citizens (65+) are eligible for an additional 10% discount. Now offering all veteran’s a $50 discount for ASA 101


Experienced sailors wishing to “challenge” one or more of the ASA course certification standards, without taking the associated class, may do so by successfully completing both the on-the-water evaluation and the written test for each standard.  The price is $295.00/standard.  If the “challenge” takes place in conjunction with another regular ASA class, the challenge price is reduced to $195.00/standard.  Other discounts do not apply.