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Ten reasons to choose Flagship Sailing.

ASA Sailing Program

Beginning through advanced sailing lessons certified by the American Sailing Association are provided by professional, experienced instructors certified by ASA and licensed by the US Coast Guard.

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Flagship Sailing Program

Recognizing that not every sailor may wish to pursue certification through one of our ASA courses, Flagship Sailing offers several introductory courses without the requirement for written testing necessary in an ASA course. These courses are taught on the water and require only an instructor evaluation for completion.

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Sailing Charters

If you want to enjoy a sailing adventure with a professional captain on board then a Flagship Sailing Charter is for you.

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Ten Reasons to Choose Flagship Sailing

  • Proven history of American Sailing Association success for over 20 years. Flagship Sailing is first and foremost a sailing school. It is not a charter company that offers sailing lessons in order to support what is primarily a charter business.
  • Professional, experienced instructors certified by the ASA and the USCG.
  • Professional staff to assist you in selecting the right classes matched to your needs. Competent and friendly assistance to make sure you are getting the best course of instruction at the best price.
  • Pricing that reflects a commitment to best value. Our prices reward our students with the most knowledge and experience per dollar invested.
  • Boats that are matched to the skill-level requirements of the courses taught. Students are taught onboard well maintained, easily maneuverable and forgiving vessels.
  • Personal attention with a low student/instructor ratio. There are no more than four students per class, often only two or three.
  • Convenience. The Greater Tampa Bay area is served by three major airports – Tampa, Clearwater and Sarasota. The Flagship Sailing office is only minutes from I-75.
  • Safety. Our facilities include all required and recommended safety equipment. Our sailboats are moored at floating docks in a protected Marina.
  • Year-round vacation destination. We recognize that members of a family may not all be consumed with a desire to sail. The Tampa Bay area offers more than incredible sailing. Nearby you will find professional baseball, football, and hockey together with award-winning beaches, museums, hotels, and restaurants. Orlando, with its attractions, is only a two-hour drive.
  • Flagship Sailing is convenient from all points North, South, East, and West. See driving directions.

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Flagship Sailing is Veteran Owned and Operated.

As such, we are proud to participate in American Sailing Association's (ASA) Veteran's Sailing Education Program by offering a 10% discount to ALL Veterans. We thank you for your service to our Nation.

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